I want to watch the concerts later. When can I start?

As a ticket holder, you’ll be able to watch all performances for a week, starting Sunday 31 May at 18h, until Saturday 6 June, via this link. You can also paste the entire link in your browser: On this page, you can click on each concert separately.

I want to sign in to the live stream. Where and when can I do so?

If you have a ticket code, you can log into the live stream via this link. On Friday 29 May you can do so from 18h, on Saturday 30 May from 17.30h.

I was gifted a ticket. How can I use it?

With a gifted ticket, you can’t log in immediately at the live stream page. First, you need to go to the ticket page and select one regular ticket for BEL JAZZ FEST bij clicking the +-button. On the right of “YOU ADDED 1 TICKET” at the bottom, click “NEXT”. Fill in your data and click “NEXT”. You are now on the “SUMMARY” page. Enter your gift code in the “HAVE A DISCOUNT?” field. Click “APPLY”. Now you can download your ticket with the “DOWNLOAD TICKET” button. On this pdf-file, you will find the code to activate the live stream.

I have a partner code. How can I log in?

With a free code you can’t immediately log in via the live stream page. First, you need to go to the  ticket page and click “HAVE A CODE?”. There you need to fill in your code, click “APPLY” and continue the ticket procedure. Now you can download your ticket with the “DOWNLOAD TICKET”-button. On this pdf-file, you will find the code to activate the live stream.

What will my donation be used for?

The organisation of an event like Bel Jazz Fest requires a lot of preparation. It also generates a lot of costs (we want fair payment for the artists, keep safety regulations in mind, provide the highest audio and image quality, and there is the extra cost for two days of streaming), which are divided among the organising partners. By making a donation, you give this organisation a bit more breathing space.

Is it possible to gift a ticket?

This is certainly possible. You just need to verify that the e-mail address entered belongs to the person you want to gift this ticket, so we can send him/her a code to access the festival with. Next to that, it’s also possible to enter your own e-mail address and forward the confirmation mail you will receive.

Can I cancel my purchase?

It is not possible to cancel your purchase. Please take note that ticket buyers can access all content (24 concerts) for a week after the festival, so you will not have to miss any of them.

Will there be an audience present?

There will be no audience present for the concerts. In order to organise this event in an orderly and safe manner (all hygiene restrictions will be respected!), only the artists and technical teams will be present.

What is the exact line-up? Will there be a detailed schedule?

You can find all 24 participating artists on our website (line-up). More specific details (timings) will be added on 25 May.

Are the concerts taking place at night or during the day?

The concerts will be streamed from 18.30 (Friday 29/5) and 18.00 (Saturday 30/5). Most of these concerts will be broadcast live; while a few others will be recorded in advance, because all safety restrictions will be respected (artists should be able to keep their distance, the stages will be cleaned/disinfected before/after every performance).

I can’t log in with my code.

You’ve probably already checked that you didn’t make a typo? Is it your code? Or did you get the code from someone? You cannot pass on the code. 

The system says that my code has already been used.

Is it your code? Or did you get the code from someone? You cannot pass on the code. 

I bought a ticket but did not receive the code.

Have a look at your spam folder? Or send a message to with the email address with which you bought the ticket, we will send your code again.

The live stream does not start.

Sometimes the player does not automatically switch to live view, a simple refresh of your page will normally fix this. If this doesn’t work, try another internet browser. Our preference is for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The live stream stutters or drops out.

Could it be that you have a slow internet connection? Then try closing any other tabs and other open programs. Switch your airplane mode on and off. Are there too many users on the same WiFi network? Ask them to keep the line free. We recommend using a fixed, wired connection for best results. If this is not possible, we recommend that you do not go too far from your Wifi modem.

There is picture but no sound.

Check the settings of your sound card or speakers. Test your sound with this video: Still no sound? Then there is something wrong with your sound card or speaker. Try other speakers, headphones or update your sound card driver.

I have checked everything but it still does not work.

Restart your computer and try again. Still not working? Send a message to with the most complete description of what does not work.